An alternative to RRSPs that is rising in popularity is the Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA). TFSAs were launched in 2009, open to Canadians ages 18 and up. Funds grow in your TFSA tax-free and withdrawals can be made at any time (also tax-free). There is a maximum contribution amount that you’re allowed to put in and any unused contribution room is carried forward.

TFSA contribution limits:

  • 2009 $5,000
  • 2010 $10,000
  • 2011 $5,000
  • 2012 $5,000
  • 2013 $5,500
  • 2014 $5,500
  • 2015 $10,000
  • 2016 $5,500
  • 2017 $5,500
  • 2018 $5,500
  • 2019 $6,000

There are, however, rules on when you can put withdrawn money back into your TFSA to be aware of. If you go over your maximum contribution amount you could face a one percent tax penalty.

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